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Human Factors Assessment of a proposed Waste Posting Facility


GE Healthcare Life Sciences business manufactures radiopharmaceuticals. A legacy manufacturing facility required a Waste Posting Facility (WPF) in order to facilitate the removal of radioactive waste.

Orano Limited carried out an independent Human Factors assessment of the proposed WPF in relation to its construction, operation and maintenance activities in line with modern Human Factor considerations.

Orano Limited activities

  • Performed a detailed task analysis of waste handling measurement, packing and posting activities required in the WPF.
  • Assessed a proposed workspace, control panel layout and positioning.
  • Compiled a comprehensive assessment, including human factor recommendations.

Value added

Orano Limited’s independent Human Factors assessment completed and underpinned the safety case arguments and operator reliability justification.

GE Healthcare received positive feedback from ONR on the level of independence used in assessing the WPF Human Factors reliability claims.


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