Radioactive Waste Management Ltd

Main contract author for the 2016 generic Transport Safety Case (TSC)


RWM is responsible for implementing geological disposal and providing waste management solutions, and with that comes the responsibility of demonstrating that transport of the inventory for disposal will be safe.

Value added

  • Orano Limited is the main contractor author for the 2016 generic Transport Safety Case (TSC)
  • The generic TSC includes an assessment of ‘bounding’ and ‘best estimate’ doses to transport operators, as well as a demonstration for regulators and stakeholders that a safe transport operation can be achieved.
  • Orano Limited has also carried out assessments of doses to the public and consideration of accident risks

Value for client

Orano Projects Limited was able to apply experience gained as the main contractor author of the 2010 generic TSC.

In addition, Orano Projects Limited staff have extensive experience of RWM’s programme of geological disposal implementation, including specification, design and operational safety.