Low Level Waste Repository Ltd

Work Pack 4 (WP4) Decommissioning and Demolition Project


LLWR Ltd manages the national repository in West Cumbria on behalf of the NDA, and oversees a programme to ensure that lower activity wastes are managed across the UK. LLWR is also decommissioning facilities previously used for the storage of legacy Plutonium Contaminated Materials (PCM) prior to their demolition.

Orano Limited activities

Orano Limited continues to provide safety case support as part of the NSG Environmental Ltd team undertaking decommissioning and demolition Work at the LLW Repository Site in Drigg. Support has included:

  • Facilitation of hazard identification studies for the operations associated with facility declassification and ventilation system removal
  • Delivery of safety case documentation for facility declassification and ventilation system removal, decontamination techniques, cross-site transport and demolition.
  • Provision of safety case personnel embedded within the LLWR safety case team, providing operational and implementation support.

Value added

"My heartfelt thanks for all the effort that your team have put in over this year, we wouldn’t have managed without you."

Simon Martin, Nuclear Safety Case Support Manager (PCM)

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